Advanced Options

The latest (beta) release of GhostBuster (Cannot resolve release macro, invalid id.) supports a number of commandline options and can now be used from the commandline without user-interface and with help of the task scheduler even without further UAC prompts.

The commandline syntax is:
  • GhostBuster [Option [Configuration File]]

Valid options are:

Option Arguments Purpose UAC
/Help none Displays a popup help dialog no
/NoGui The filename of the configuration file to be used Removed the selected ghosted devices without showing a window yes
/Register The filename of the configuration file to be used Add a task named GhostBuster to the Windows Task Scheduler yes
/Unregister none Removes the scheduled task yes

In order to use the same confguration as used when running interactive supply:
  • '%AppData%\GhostBuster\GhostBuster.ini'

as configuration filename to the /NoGui and /Register options (without quotes).

The options /NoGui, / Register and /Unregister all need to be executed from an UAC elevated command prompt (run as administrator).

Once a task is scheduled it will, by default, run one minute after a user logs on. The can be disabled in the Task Scheduler.


The scheduled task can be executed (without any UAC elevation) with the following command:
  • schtasks /run /tn GhostBuster

This command can also be used to create a shortcut that does not need UAC elevation anymore to run.

The eventlog shows simple information on the number of detected devices and which are removed. It is the ONLY output when running in /NOGUI mode.


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